The state of your closet reflects the depth of your love for shoes. If you see them as just accessories, afterthoughts that keep your feet safe from the elements, they’re probably lying in a haphazard pile. But if you see them as the bread and butter of a stunning outfit, you’ll treat them with a little more care.

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Home Improvement Leads has some ideas for storing your shoes, keeping them in good shape, and maybe even putting them on display.

Use Angled Shelves

Flat shelves are a sensible storage solution, but shelves hung at an angle are perfect for keeping each pair of shoes perfectly visible so that you can put outfits together in less time. Choose shoe shelves specially designed with lips so that your shoes won’t slide off.

Assign Each Pair its Own Cubby

For true shoe lovers, taking good care of them is a no-brainer. But on the day-to-day, they’re in contact with dirt, concrete, and all kinds of surfaces that could scuff them up. Instead of piling them all in your closet to take further abuse, give your favorite pairs (or most expensive ones) special treatment by placing them in their own wood cubby.

Step into the Bedroom

The greatest challenge facing shoe lovers isn’t “how” but “where.” If your closet is small or your shoe collection large, don’t be ashamed to give up a corner of your bedroom for the cause. Whether you choose a simple shoe ladder or a wall display of shoes mixed with art, your shoes can add a little personality and flair to your decor—and save a little space for your clothes.

Use Clear Storage

No matter how organized you are when planning your outfits, you inevitably will find yourself dashing around one morning, running late and wondering what you’re going to wear. If you’ve stacked your shoes in boxes to save space, this means wasting time and turning your closet into a wild wreck. Use clear storage so that you can easily comb through your options without destroying your organizational system.

Go Vertical

If you’re out of horizontal closet space, don’t be afraid to put your most unique shoes out of reach while keeping the everyday ones nice and accessible. Put out-of-season boots or sandals in boxes and tuck them away to avoid unnecessary chaos.

Show Them Off

an american luxury walkin closet with many space. 3d rendering

At the end of the day, if you’ve got the closet space, flaunt it. There’s no reason to tuck beautiful accessories away in cubby holes or boxes if what you really want to do is put them on display. Go all out with mirrors, lighting, and impeccable color coordination.

Pare Down  

There’s no easier way to get organized than to cut out the clutter. While it may be hard parting with some of your shoes, you will feel refreshed and free by minimizing your wardrobe. There’s always room for your favorites!

Closet Organization For Your Shoes