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You may have noticed that celebrities who are sporting some of the hottest fashion trends for fall are finishing off their look with a pair of clogs.   While many people attribute this sometimes unsightly shoe to their parents’ generation, modern clogs are way more chic than the ones your momma wore back in the “˜70s!   Today’s versions come with heels, studs, and a little bit of street cred as they are flashed from Hollywood to the UK by iconic fashionistas like the Olsen twins, Jessica Simpson, and Alexa Chung (just to name a few).   Not to mention, they’ve been seen prancing up and down runways in summer and fall lineups for designer labels from Chanel to Marc Jacobs to Miu Miu (even Louis Vuitton featured clogs in a recent ad campaign).   In short, clogs are back and better than ever.

To pull off this tricky fashion statement without looking like you just stepped out of the disco, you’re going to have to be somewhat discerning, both in which ones you choose to put on your feet and what you opt to pair them with.   Clogs can be a cute and quirky addition to an outfit that features a structured skirt or a short, casual dress (add colored tights or leggings for a mod look), while they will almost always look great with a pair of super-long jeans.   No matter how you wear them, you’re going to end up with chunky heal, which means you should try to avoid a lot of other heavy pieces if you don’t want to look totally bogged down (skip the lumpy sweaters and scarves and opt instead for a super-fine tee and a fitted jacket instead).

You’ll also want to make sure your clog has some visual appeal.   Many now come in colorful flower prints (which are very now) while others come in soft, colored suede with a peep-toe.   Some are even made to look like a cable-knit sweater, which adds instant texture to an otherwise dull outfit.   The ones you’ll want to avoid are those that come in brown leather or any that have furry insides that peek out.   After all, you don’t want to appear to be wearing an animal on your foot.

Clogs come in both low- and high-heeled options, and you should choose depending on your stature.   If you’re fairly tall and slender, you can definitely get away with a shorter heel.   Women who are vertically challenged, on the other hand, or carry a little extra weight on the bottom half (holla!) should certainly opt for a higher heel (don’t worry, you should be able to pull off even a four- or five-inch heel since the toe has a platform and the heels are pretty thick).   Just follow the trends you see in magazines and online and you should end up with a cute and comfortable pair of clogs for fall.

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