Christian Louboutin Exagona Platform Pumps as seen on Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato has been spotted out and about several times recently wearing these Christian Louboutin Exagona 160mm platform pump sandals in black, available from Neiman Marcus and/or Foot Candy and priced at $1095.

Wow. The Exagona is stunning in height and design, with a snap closure to secure the thin crossed ankle straps that delicately showcase your foot. Let your eyes plummet from top to bottom of these incredible circular-peep-toe pumps. Approx: 6.3″ Heel, 2.4″ platform

Shown above Demi Lovato is strutting herself on The Tourist Trail in London, England just today (April 3rd, 2012). But she has also been seen wearing the same sky high heels on American Idol’s Season 11 Live Elimination Show in Hollywood on March 15th, 2012 and the Meet and Greet at the Mondadori Multicenter in Milan, Italy on March 31st, 2012.   Source: Star Style Inc.

Has Demi Lovato put on some weight? It almost looks like she is wearing plus sized clothing in some of her recent photos? Not degrading her, she still looks beautiful even if she’s gained a few extra pounds. But not sure those black stretch pants were the best choice for showing off her hips in the United Kingdom. Oh Demi, we still love you.

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