Christian Louboutin Amber Platform Sandals as seen on Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson wore some hawt Christian Louboutin Amber Patent Double Platform Sandals (available from Saks Fifth Avenue, $2455) with her Versace gown to the 2011 Grammy Awards last night (February 13th, 2011, source).

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2 thoughts on “Christian Louboutin Amber Platform Sandals as seen on Jennifer Hudson

  1. I am so fed up with styles today. These too high, monster-like shoes are disgusting! They are not feminine. The look like shoes that prostitutes used to wear. I wore platforms years ago when they were in style, but I refuse to wear them now. A 3-4 inch heel is enough. These shoes are causing women to walk just Herman Munster! I think that many of designers have a hatred for women and that is why they are making them so disgustingly high and awful looking. Look at the way that Jennifer Hudson’s toes are spilling over the toe of the shoe! I prefer mules. Give me my forty acres and my mules! I have no trouble keeping them on my feet. They are quite comfortable. I really love beautiful shoes, but I hate what I am seeing now. Women no longer look like the beautiful swans that they are, they don’t glide anymore, they look like statues on stilts. I will be glad when these fashion statements has spoken its last word!

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