Chris Cagle is a Closet Crocs Wearer

Croc Niles ShoesAvid shoe blog readers know that Manolo the Shoeblogger HATES Crocs.  Probably even more than I hate Flip-Flops.  Seems others hate Crocs as well, including the owner of the domain name   Now, that’s hatred. I personally do not own a pair of Crocs, but I may be open to buying some of the new styles, ie the Crocs Nile style shown and available at

Last week, my favorite radio station was talking about how singer Chris Cagle wears Crocs on  his tour bus, but not out in public.    Makes me  wonder if there are other  “Closet Croc” wearers, too afraid to admit they wear them.      Manolo, can we see your closet?