Givenchy Shark Tooth Covered Shaft Knee Boots

There are many choices when it comes to Givenchy knee boots when you are in the market for sophisticated fashion.   Givenchy has many different kinds of boots including those made of suede and leather.   In fact, leather boots continue to be popular and Givenchy has many different styles of leather knee boots to suit anyone’s taste.   Looking at a few of the choices you have when it comes to these Givenchy knee boots.   Not only do you have a choice in the particular leather styles you like, but you can also choose colors and design.

Givenchy Iconic Boot

The Givenchy Iconic Boot is a tall leather boot that features a pointed toe.   The tonal seam stitching creates a unique effect at the front of the boot that appears to look like a pants leg.   This “leg” actually covers a one-inch heel with wooden details and a 17-inch shaft.   A single strap at the top also creates an extra accent along with the contrasting leather all throughout the boot.   Of course, the Givenchy Iconic Boot is made 100% of leather and comes in various sizes.

Givenchy Leather Riding Boots

Riding boots are another style of Givenchy knee boots you may enjoy as they are inspired by those boots commonly worn in equestrian sports.   Even though the name may bring to mind athleticism, these leather boots are all class and sophistication with the round toe and two different accents at the top and at the ankle of these boots.   Underneath the stylish ankle accent, you will see a soft looking pattern at the heel that matches the pattern at the top of the boots.

Givenchy Black Tall Leather Boots

When you really want something that is not only sophisticated but also a bit daring, the Givenchy tall black leather boots may be just the thing you need.   These boots not only have a sleek, streamlined finish but also a subtle touch with gold tips at the heels.   The toe has a soft point and the zipper of these boots is hidden on the inside.   These jet black boots are also made 100% of leather and can fit with a range of styles.

Of course, there are many other choices when it comes to Givenchy knee boots no matter your style preferences.   Leather can add just the touch you need to complete a casual or a formal ensemble.   You can also find leather in combination with other fabrics like suede when you like to mix it up a bit as well as a choice in low, high or no heel styles.   Furthermore, you can find out when your favorite styles are on sale and get discounts when you know where to look for Givenchy boots.

Guest post written by Clarissa, a contributing writer and editor for many online websites and blogs featuring today’s latest fashion style trends.