Chinese Laundry La Di Da Pony Hair Animal Print Peep-toe Pumps

Chinese Laundry La Di Da

I have been infatuated with Chinese Laundry as of lately, and when I saw these La Di Da pony hair animal print peep-toe pumps, I immediately thought that they would be perfect for Squeak, our fellow resident shoeaholic. Available in Leopard, Giraffe and/or Zebra print with bright color accents. And the best part is that they are currently on sale for only $59.99 (regularly priced at $89) directly from

There’s nothing like the alluring sight of a wild and exotic animal print that makes a woman dangerous, yet glamorous. The peep toe adds that little touch of femininity and the colorful contrast trim makes these even more attractive. Padded footbed. Pony hair upper. Leather outsole. 3/4″ platform.    Approx. 4 3/4 inch” heel.

Not sure how hip I am about the “pony hair” upper, but it’s no different than leather I guess.   I’m sure PETA animal rights activists won’t be buying these animal print pumps, but I still would. And I’m sure Squeak would, too.

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3 thoughts on “Chinese Laundry La Di Da Pony Hair Animal Print Peep-toe Pumps

  1. love them!!!

    just a thought–if you are gonna do laser hair removal, it’s worth the $$ to have it done professionally (with a diode or alexandrite laser, NOT IPL) than one of the DIY machines, for a few reasons. it’s easier to have someone else inflict repetitive pain… it’s more effective… no risk of burning yourself… they’re so much more effective that you’ll probably end up spending less than if you bought the DIY thing & enough refill cartridges to do you whole legs, cuz it takes 10-12 treatments with those! as opposed to 4-6 🙂

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