A woman can never have too many shoes in her closet. Isn’t that what they say? It is a well-known fact. While there are always the classic stand-by styles, there are also popular seasonal fashion trends of which to be aware. The latest, up-to-date trends in women’s fashion footwear include ballet flats; especially those sporting a cap toe, chunky heeled footwear and ankle boots.

Cap Toe Ballet Flats and Classic Pumps

The cap toe is exactly as described. It covers and embellishes only the toe end on flats and heels alike. It can be textured with suede on leather or it can be the same material as the shoe but in a contrasting color, metallic, bejeweled or quilted. Each different material makes its own fashion statement, as long as it prominently marks the toe of the shoe. Some footwear styles sport a contrasting cap toe while others are more muted with a like-colored cap toe that matches the main portion of the shoe.

The always popular, but especially this season, ballet flats come in a variety of materials like suede, leather, velvet and more. They are offered in dramatically rich colors like black, burgundy, navy blue, deep purple and hunter green. Fun animal prints like cheetah, leopard or zebra and metallic and glitter embellished designs are also increasingly popular.

An alternate cap toe shoe style to consider is the classic pump, which is a classy, simple, low-heeled shoe. The trendy cap toe adds a new dimension to the classic, subtle dress pump. The same fashionable toe cap styles apply to the pump as to the ballet flat.

An Alternative For Flats is Loafers

If ballet flats are not structurally supportive enough for your feet, the ever-classic and time-tested loafers remain an updated and popular footwear trend. They are comfortable, versatile and widely offered in a variety of colors and textures to suit a woman’s ever-changing wardrobe selections.

Chunky Heels Whether High or Low

These trend-setting heels are comfortable to walk in, as well as stylish. Chunky heels can be low in height for everyday wear or higher for a dressier night-on-the-town look. They have adeptly replaced the previously popular stiletto heels and platform soles.

Ankle Boots or Booties

Flat sole or chunky heel ankle boots will be worn with trendy casual and dressy styles of fashion. Otherwise referred to as booties, this style is a popular and growing footwear trend.

What Is Not So Cool in Footwear

Now that we have talked about the current hot trends, it is important to mention the outdated, not-so-cool trends that should be cleaned out of every woman’s closet.

  •           Platform shoes are old news. It is time to clear them out of your shoe wardrobe and go with a more classic look.
  •           Stiletto heels are a thing of the past. Toss them out to make room for the more trendy chunky heeled footwear.

The Collaborative Shoe Trends

Fashion styles change with the seasons. Shoe styles also change with the seasons. Comfort is important. The current footwear fashions clearly offer comfort and style.

The rule of thumb when it comes to fashion footwear is simple:

  •           We all need to wear shoes.
  •           We all want to look stylish.
  •           We all need a pair of trendy cap toe ballet flats for the upcoming season.
  •           We all need a pair of shoes with chunky heels for dress or play.
  •           Throw in a pair of ankle high boots and your fashion forward footwear wardrobe is a complete.

Remember, a woman can never have too many shoes in her closet. That is a well-known fact of life and in the world of fashion footwear.

May Anderson loves everything arty and beautiful, including nature, plants, bonsai and gardening of all kinds. When she’s not writing about trends in  women’s clothing  , she’s jamming on the violin, out in the garden or playing with her two lovable dogs.