Charlotte Russe Saves the Day

Gold & Silver Flip-Flops from Charlotte Russe

When I got confirmed umpteen years ago, my grandmother sewed my dress.   It  resembled  the dresses wore on “Little House on the Prairie”, but I liked it.   Now the girls wear slinky prom dresses to church celebrations!   So I took the twins shopping in Sioux City last weekend, and after visiting every store, they both finally found  a dress  they liked at JCPenney.   And the best part was that they were on sale*!

After we checked out, I suggested we go shopping for some sandals to match.   They literally gasped.   Macy informed me she intended to wear her Bearpaw black boots with her yellow spaghetti strap dress! And Mallory says she’ll wear her Knock-off Uggs with her similiar teal dress!   Now I gasp!

Zebra FlatsI tell them there is no way I’m letting them wear clunky furry boots with their cocktail dresses, especially in front of the church for hundreds to see! Of course, they like nothing that I find appropriate at all of the shoe stores.   After going to Charlotte Russe and Macy begging for these Zebra Flats, they finally agreed to wearing  Gold and Silver Flop-Flops, but just to church, and they are changing into their boots right afterwards!  carries a lot of cute shoes! And for a limited time, they are Buy 1, Get 1 for $15!

*Good thing I saved money on the dresses because I got a speeding ticket on my way home! First ticket I’ve had since the girls were babies fifteen years ago!  

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