ALL TRAIN 215 women's training shoe

5 Tips For INOV-8 Cross-Training Shoes

You all know how difficult it is sometimes to choose proper-fitting athletic shoes. With a lot of newfangled innovations, for example, like pump-it-up tongues or Freon-filled midsoles, you don’t always know exactly what you want to buy and the main thing – exactly what you need to buy to achieve your fitness goals. Here you […]

Healthcare Footwear: The 5 Best Shoes for Nurses

Healthcare Footwear: The 5 Best Shoes for Nurses

Did you know that high-quality nursing shoes can improve your work efficiency? Certain features can align your posture, eliminate pain, and facilitate movement. Conversely, shoes with poor support are energy draining and jeopardize your safety. Among nurses, five types of footwear are common. Here you’ll learn what’s best for your field of work. Your feet […]

Top 5 Indoor Running Shoes For Women

Everyone knows that there are many different styles of running shoe out there. Some are designed for running and walking, some are designed for running cross country, and some are designed for track running. Did you know that there are also shoes designed for indoor running on a treadmill or running pad? These shoes offer […]