5 Epic Reasons to wear Flats with Every Outfit

Top Reasons to Pull those Flats out of the Closet, Ladies

So you’re looking to gain a few inches or add a little glamour to an outfit. Adding a pair of heels is the only way to do that, right? Wrong. In one year in the United States alone, over 123,000 injuries related to wearing high heels were treated in emergency rooms. While the fashion world […]

The 4 Best Kids Clothing Brands for Young Girls

The 4 Best Kids Clothing Brands for Young Girls

I think we can all agree that variety is the spice of life. But when you’re shopping for “sugar and spice and everything nice,” there is FAR too much variety. You can click through the internet into infinity trying to find the right clothes for the sweet little girl in your life. Whether she’s your […]

Boots Were Made for Walking: 5 Women's Boots Trends to Follow in 2019
Check out How This Cool, Quirky Duck Boot Style Is Making a Comeback
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