Buying Tux Shoes Cheaper Than Renting

Men's Zengara Z30028

My son is a junior in high school, therefore will be attending his first prom next weekend.   We went and got him fitted for a tuxedo – $100+ later – but I refused to pay the extra $28+  to just rent shoes.   I knew I could find some shoes for about the same price that he could wear next year  (hopefully if his feet don’t grow too much; he’s already a size 12)   and even to church throughout the year.   I ended up ordering these Men’s Zengara Z30028 classic formal wear patent leather oxfords for only $31.95 shipped! (Price is $34.95 – 10% off Coupon: SHOEBUY – code works on ANY order! Plus Free Shipping always!)   Need shoes for a tux?   Buy ’em here!  

[phpbay]tuxedo shoes, 2[/phpbay]

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3 thoughts on “Buying Tux Shoes Cheaper Than Renting

  1. We’ll see how that works with your girls. I’m guessing you will not get away with buying only one pair for their prom and homecoming events.

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