Who Shines Their Shoes?

Ever walk by those shoe shine guys at the airport or on the street and say to yourself “who shines their shoes anymore”? If you were smart, it’d be you! I’ve never had my shoes shined by one of these guys before, but on a recent trip from New York, I stopped by the stand […]

Bostonians for Corporate America

As a 9 to 5 a day guy in Corporate America, business casual is the dress code of most Fortune 500 companies. Trying to coordinate clothes for a 5-day week can be tough, but getting a good, comfortable pair of shoes can be toughest of all.   Style counts, but shouldn’t substitute for comfort. For […]

Meet Marty, My New Best Friend

Wow, I just discovered Marty’s Online  Shoe Outlet!   And look at the deals I found… Womens New York Transit Chilli Suede Winter Boots in Black and Tan only $12.25! Regularly $65.00!   Plus All Men’s Bostonian Dress Shoes (Patrick’s Favorite) are now only $39 for this week only!             […]