Born to Love Black Born Shoes

My new favorite brand of shoes (for this month anyway) is Born Shoes. My friend had a pair of black Born Sutton casual shoes that I envied so much I just had to have my own pair. They are a tad tight, so have to wear thin socks, but she said the leather will stretch in time.

Then yesterday, I went shopping at the new Village Pointe Shopping Mall in Omaha. I cannot believe I had never heard of the DSW Shoe Stores!! I was in pure Heaven! Heaven, I tell you. And I found 2 more pairs of Born shoes that are to die for. But I resisted, only because I’m going to see if I can find them cheaper online. And when I do, you’ll be the first to know!

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5 thoughts on “Born to Love Black Born Shoes

  1. If you like the Sutton shoe, do not hesitate to buy it, because they don’t make it anymore and you’ll probably never find it, not even online! I fell across my Suttons in a DSW in Indianapolis, bought them in black and wear them every day. I live in NYC and walk/run on pavement all day long. I’ve lived her for 30 years and needless to say, my feet have paid the price! However, I can wear these shoes all day, every day and feel good, which is saying a lot, since I have bone spurs, lack cartilage and have some arthritis, all a result of pounding the pavement for so long! I liked my black Suttons so much, when I got home, I called the DSW in Indy to see if they still had them in brown.. They did not and I couldn’t remember the style name, and when I did an extensive online search, couldn’t find them anywhere (I must have searched twenty shoe sites). Then lo and behold! I was in Filene’s basement yesterday and there were my Suttons in brown (cordovan)! I came home and armed with the style name, did another online search. The ONLY site I found that carries them is So if you want them, get them there and hurry, because chances are, you’ll never find them again! And yes, they do stretch a bit over time.. I’ve worn mine every day, in the rain, etc. w/ thin socks and my new ones do feel a bit snugger, but I know that will change over time, especially since they will get so much wear ;-).

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