When it comes to shoes, there’s nothing quite like a pair of stylish, comfy boots. And while Uggs were once the hottest thing on the market, styles have certainly changed.

From winter snow boots to trendy ankle styles, the breadth of awesome Women’s Boots available abounds.

Boots Were Made for Walking: 5 Women's Boots Trends to Follow in 2019

Check out these five awesome boot trends that you should be on the lookout for in 2019 so you can stay in the loop when it comes to footwear style.

1. Go Southwestern with Cowboy-Inspired Styles

Even if you don’t live in the desert, Western-style boots are all the rage. Whether you choose something with a rad black and white cowhide print or you want a traditional pair of cowgirl boots, this footwear will help you show off your inner Annie Oakley.

If you want to add a modern touch to these trendy Women’s Boots, pick out a pair featured in an exotic style like snakeskin or alligator. Alternatively, if you like something a tad more subtle, go with the classic pull-on cowboy boot.

Most Western-inspired boots are made of leather, but there are plenty of non-leather versions, too. Choose something made of vegan leather if that’s your thing, or go all out with an authentic pair of all-leather cowboy boots embellished with floral designs for a feminine touch.

2. Ankle Boots Are All the Rage

A common style staple, ankle boots are still one of the most popular and coveted styles. These charming footwear pieces look fabulous with everything from skirts to skinny jeans.

When you’re checking out the styles available, shop this site to get some inspiration for your look. Remember that your ankle boots don’t have to be black or brown. Go wild with bold colors like pink or even yellow to make a true style statement.

Another bonus of ankle boots is that they’re super-easy to put on and take off since most have a basic slip-on style. You can pair them with any ensemble to give your outfit the “wow’ factor.

3. Embellishments for Women’s Boots

Gone are the days where footwear was focused on comfort alone. Today’s boot trends are rocking the bold, vibrant embellishments like never before.

Keep an eye out for trendy designs that feature colorful floral embroidery to give your boots a touch of feminine flair. Shimmering, oversized zipper pulls are another option that adds a modern element to the boot.

For the punk rocker or biker chick, there’s plenty of embellishments to choose from, too. Look for metal buckles and spikes that will give your boots that edgy kick you’ve been looking for.

4. Hit the Trail with Hiking Boots

Even if you’re not the outdoorsy type, hiking boots are big in 2019. These chunky boots are not only extremely durable, but they’re also amazingly comfortable to wear.

Try a pair of hiking boots with ankle support so you can walk in confidence. Features like thick soles and ankle padding are some of the hallmarks of true hiking boots.

Whether you live in Colorado or New York City, you’ll see plenty of women sporting this trendy look so don’t be afraid to purchase a pair. Some new brands are making hiking boots even more on-trend by creating them in fun and vibrant colors for a more contemporary aesthetic.

Another popular, rugged choice this season are duck boots. These sweet boots keep your feet dry on rainy days, and they come in a huge range of fun colors and designs.

5. Go Luxe with New Fabrics

Material like canvas and leather have long been the go-to material when it comes to making Women’s Boots. Today’s updated designs are going above and beyond to create something a little more glamorous.

Look for boots made of ultra-soft, plush velvet that comes in a range of rich, luxurious colors. Silk and satin are also popular choices and they also feature a wide range of fun hues that add a pop to any outfit you wear along with a subtle sheen.

If you really want to go all out, sport a pair of boots that shimmer with metallic tones such as silver or gold. Material like mohair will bring your boots a cozy touch that’s above and beyond the standard elements of lower-end shoes.

6. Ditch Solids for Patterns

Who says footwear has to be boring? Make a statement this year with boots created in a range of fun and funky patterns.

Floral designs are definitely in, and you can pick out anything from luscious blooms to dainty daisies. Plaid is another bold choice that echoes the style of the punk rock fad that was so popular from the past.

Some designers are taking patterns to a new level by adding unique accents to their boots such as insects, snakes, and other animals. Think outside the box and select a pair of boots that help you show off your unique style and personality with a bold patterned design.

Be Fabulous with New Boot Trends

If you’re on the hunt for a new pair of boots, be sure to browse through the newest, trendiest designs for 2019. Whether you’re feeling feminine or extremely flamboyant, there’s a boot for everyone this year.

Select something made with plush velvet, or try a pair of hiking boots if comfort is more your thing. No matter what style you choose, you’re sure to love these fun and funky women’s boots.

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