Best Shoes for Pregnant Women

Crocs Wrapped Mary Jane Flats Women Black, Mushroom/Espresso

Crocs Wrapped Mary Jane Flats

Every new mom-to-be experiences pregnancy differently. You’ll hear all your family’s and friends’ horror stories and only a few will come to pass. The one constant in everyone’s experience seems to be a foot problem. They hurt like heck. Between your growing weight, your legs trying to walk in a way they never have before, and the hormones swelling your ankles into beach balls, it’s going to happen. Shoes aren’t the first thing women think of in terms of maternity wear, but they should be. Remember all those cool cut-out spike platforms? The t-strap super-wedgies? The kicky gladiator sandals? You won’t be seeing them, or your toes, for the next few months. Forget high heels and laces of all kinds. Slides and slip-ons are your new best friends.

The good news is there are cool shoes for the up-and-coming moms too. They’ll take better care of your feet. You’ll be needing your feet even more after the little one hits the ground running.

Flats are where it’s at.

Remember your doll’s shoes? The doll that said things and rolled her eyes? She wore black Mary Janes with the little white socks, remember? Well, those basic flat shoes are a miracle for anyone who needs slip-on comfort with some style. You’ll need to remember extra width and size for swelling. You should try for a roomy fit.

Grandma shoes – they’re not all blue house shoes anymore.

Now, don’t curl your lip, Grandma is styling these days. You won’t be going clubbing in these. You’ll be fighting to survive nine months of pregnancy. Don’t worry about what they look like. Worry about how they make your feet feel. Another nice extra with senior shoes is they often have extra traction and other features to keep you upright and walking on slippery walkways.

Slip-on sneakers do exist.

As your baby bump starts showing, you’ll especially need these. The basic black slip-on sneaker will become the little black dress for your feet. You can wear them everywhere. You’ll want an extra pair in a prettier color for outings too.

Mules and clogs and loafers – oh, my!

If you need something dressy for work, a pair of dressy loafers with a one-inch heel and wide heel-base should be safe and comfortable for you. As with all shoes, you’ll want good arch support. Loafers come in everything from dressy to casual.

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  1. You know, I’ve never understood why Hollywood “celebrities” wore high-heels during pregnancy, anyway.

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