Before You Go: 4 Tips to Guarantee a Fabulous Spa Pedicure

Pedicure Treatment at Midtown Nail Spa
Attention all shoe lovers! Want to know the best accessory for your feet? It’s a fabulous pedicure to go with your even more fabulous shoes. Having well-trimmed and painted toes is one of the fun ways to dress up a bit during the summer months. Although most style savvy shoeaholics have perfected their own at-home pedicure, there is nothing wrong with treating yourself once in a while. Just make sure you’re getting what you pay for. Here are some basic tips to get a great spa pedicure service.

1. A Clean Salon = A Clean Pedicure

Most beauty magazines recommend looking at the pedicure stations of your salon and asking about the spa cleanliness before getting a pedicure. However, the best nail salons are often packed, and the staff may not have time to explain the procedures to you, especially if you go to a well-known, hole in the wall place. Instead of investigating their pedicure equipment and possibly making the staff and other customers uncomfortable, just glance around at the general cleanliness of the salon itself. The equipment should not be over-dilapidated. The paint should be fresh. The floor should be swept and clean, and the manicure stations should be tidy. If the salon manager doesn’t make sure the building is clean, they are most likely not keeping an eye on the pedicure foot baths.

2. Bring Your Own Tools

Sometimes it’s hard to ask your pedicurist whether or not they use new manicure tools every time. They should switch out their tools and use a new, sterilized set from a plastic pack when they do your toenails. To be extra sure, just bring your own tools from home and decrease the chance of catching a virus or fungus. You will need to bring nail clippers, cuticle clippers, and cuticle sticks.

3. Don’t Shave Your Legs

Many people don’t know about this tip, but it’s one of the essential ways to getting a pain and bacteria-free pedicure. If you shave your legs right before you go in, you are leaving tons of open nicks in the skin. Bacteria can enter any exposed area and cause pain and infection. Also, if you go for a deluxe pedicure, you will probably get a salt scrub or leg mask treatments, which are much more enjoyable if you know your skin is completely healed.

4. If You Feel Pain, Run!

We have all gotten one of those pedicures that feels like you’re trying to grit your teeth make if through a deep-body Swedish massage. From pushing and clipping cuticles to exfoliating too roughly, there are plenty of ways a pedicurist can cause you pain. Ladies: this is not what a spa treatment is supposed to feel like! A pedicure should feel relaxing, and you should leave the salon feeling refreshed and clean. If your pedicurist is making you go “ouch” by performing treatments too roughly, or even causing bleeding, ask for another pedicurist. If that gets a negative reaction, just leave and don’t go back.

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