Be a Shoeru and Win Mixtionary!

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One of the fun parts of my  career in  affiliate marketing  is that companies send me free  stuff to write  reviews about.   I’ve gotten everything from  shoes (shocking,  I know)  to golf clubs (I don’t golf), bicycles (for my kids) to sex toys (yes, I’m serious).

Mixtionary.com sent me 3 copies of their new book “Mixtionary: Mixed-up modern words for the mixed-up modern world”.   As I started to read my copy (keep reading for your chance to grab one of the other two copies), I noticed some cute shoe lingo that I thought I’d share with my fellow shoe addicts.

SHOEPREME (shoe + supreme) The ultimate in shoe design has been born!   There is something new to obsess about, to live for, to believe in, to work all month for and never wear!

SHOEAGE (shoe + sewage) The sudden realization that last year’s hot design is completely out and was ridiculous to start with… which is most likely why the fashion industry has to reinvent itself every season.

SHOEISM (shoe + ism) The very involved and complex devotion to fine footwear – which could segue into a new religion, as there certainly are enough devotees.

SHOEPEDE (shoe + stampede) The head-long charge of a crowd of women bursting through the doors on the morning of a shoe sample sale in the hope that shoepremes will be had.

SHOERU (shoe + guru) A deeply knowledgeable style queen to whom you can turn for guidance in the matters of footwear.

So being the nice shoeru that I am, I am giving away the other  2 copies of this fine book to two  fellow shoe lovers  that leave comments on this post.   Post now for your chance to win!

The fine print:   Only one entry allowed per person.   No Residency Restrictions (worldwide, baby). Winners will be chosen on 2/14/07 (The big V-Day!   Don’t forget to send flowers!) Winners will be emailed (your email address  must be valid, but will not show on the site) to respond with their snail mail addy.  Comments will be moderated to prevent spammage and will not show up immediately, but  I’ll be sure to approve all posts that say “Kim is Great” or similar verbiage.

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