Barack Obama Gets the Boot

Coclico Women's Obama Boot  Coclico Women's Obama Boot

A boot named after Barack Obama that is.   Sandra Canselier,  Coclico designer, is a French expatriate living in the United States.   Since she couldn’t vote for Obama herself, she decided to name a boot after the presidential-elect.

Coclico’s Obama boot was designed with high-fashion looks in mind. The shaft sports curved seams up one side and a hidden zipper entry on the other. The rounded, peaked toe works with the thick, tapered heel for a comfortable fit and stylish silhouette. Best of all, the vegetable-tanned leather will patinate over time–making this boot look even better with wear.

Coclico Women’s Obama Boots, available in Serpico Bruciato and Serpio Plombo, are available from, $535.95. Too bad they aren’t included in the economic stimulus package, but, hey you get free shipping.

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5 thoughts on “Barack Obama Gets the Boot

  1. I love those, I would buy them even without the name attached. I do think it’s really cool that the designer felt she had to do something since she could not vote. I love how the whole world seemed to come together for our election.

  2. I think the Obama boot is so statuesque and elegant. Alas, I’m too tall at 5’9″ to feel comfortable in heels that high on a daily basis (I did whip out some 3.5″ heels for a holiday party, though). That said, I recently discovered this boot and other Coclico styles on sale at Ped Shoes ( I’d love to run into someone else wearing it.

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