Back In Black Wedge Sandals

Back in Black Sandals

I’m back! In black! Yes, I’ve been MIA for awhile as life with kids, work, traveling and moving has kept me super busy. But I spared a few minutes to run into a T.J. Maxx store before my daughter’s soccer game, and I scored three new pairs of wedge sandals, all super comfy, all in my favorite brands, all affordable, and all black! I think in my old age, my feet are getting bigger as I’m closer to a size 8 now instead of a 7.5 (as I’m sure you can see these are all size eights).

Kim wearing Sketcher sandals

The first pair I got were Skechers black sandals. They have the same sole, heel and fabric as my favorite Skecher Neoprene sandals that I wear all of the time except these have a back strap and nothing between the toes. I thought the back strap would help so I didn’t have to scrunch my toes to keep my shoes on (something I’m starting to dislike, thus why mules are no longer my favorite shoes), but I thought wrong in this case. Maybe I just got too big of size. I do like them though as they are super comfy and soft. What do you think of my fresh manicure? The color is OPI “You’re A Pisa Work”. I always take my own color in so I can do touch-ups at home if need be (plus it’s probably more sanitary).

Kim wearing Coach flip flops

I absolutely love my Coach flip flops that I bought in Florida, but I also love havaianas wedge flip flops. So I got the best of both worlds with these Coach black wedge flip flops. The picture doesn’t show the wedge real well, but it’s a 3″ heel with 1″ platform.

Kim in Steve Madden black sandals

And the final pair of black sandals that I got were Steve Madden woven wedge sandals. I’m not a big fan of peep-toes (I prefer rounded), but these are super comfy as well. And they fit tighter than the Skechers so there is no need to scrunch my toes! I also think they look dressier (in person anyway, maybe not in photos).

Which black wedge sandals do you think I look best in?

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