Farewell Mary Janes: Finding Fun, Fashionable, Practical Shoes for Everyday Life
Ideas for Shoes That Work as Hard as You Do

Ideas for Shoes That Work as Hard as You Do

Whether they’re for a special date or to hit the gym, two of the most important factors to consider when choosing a new pair of shoes are style and comfort. But how do you factor that in when you have to get new shoes for work? Investing in the right pair of shoes is crucial, […]

What Are Heels Doing to Your Health?

What Are Heels Doing To Your Health?

The only feeling better than taking off your bra at the end of the day might be stepping out of a pair of gorgeous, skyscraper, maybe-just-a-little-too-tight heels. We all have them. They’re those pairs of shoes sitting on our shelf that are just so perfect. The perfect confidence boost, the perfect amount of lift for […]

Hokku Designs 2-Tone Country Cherrywood with Louvered Front Doors Shoe Storage Cabinet in Blue

How to Change Your Shoe Problem to No Longer a Problem

So, you’ve got a shoe problem. What can you do to make it less of a problem and more of a cherished collection? Organization is key to not look like the crazy shoe lady when guests come over and shoes are spilling out of every closet and storage area. Finding innovative ways to store your […]