Arubas are Perfect Island Shoes

When I hear “Aruba”, I think of the sad story of how Natalie Holloway disappeared on the island of  Aruba during a class trip. But now, Waldies has recently released a stylish slide, Aruba,  made of ComfoTek foam (coined “squishtastic”).   Looks comfy to me.  I didn’t care for Waldies’ Appalachian Trail shoes (known as the  “AT”) as they remind me of  Croc imitations. But the Aruba style get a thumbs up.  

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2 thoughts on “Arubas are Perfect Island Shoes

  1. Waldies are the Original Comfy Clog! They were around 2 years before CrocKs so CrocKs is actually copying Waldies! The Waldies AT is a new lightweight design with better ventilation so your feet will be cool! Check out Waldies at!

  2. Waldies Aruba are a dream come true! I am a comfy shoe FANATIC and was a devoted Birkenstalk wearer for over 11 years…. until I found my Arubas. I can’t bear to wear anything else since the day I put them on. I’ll even wear them out in a dress– they look more like a dress-up shoe than most comfort sandals. I LOVE THESE!

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