Ankle Boots from Nate Berkus Show

Looking for the Shabooty as seen on The Nate Berkus Show today? Okay, it’s also known as the “shoe boot”, “three-quarter boot” or “ankle boot” according to style expert Lloyd Boston. A couple of years ago, the term was shootie.

Lloyd tells us that whether you’re 25 or 55, you can make pants look younger and fresher, and jackets and flouncy skirts more sophisticated with ankle boots.   And everyone in the studio audience (lucky ducks) received a pair of Jones New York Gramery Booties ($149 value from Macy’s) to take home (as shown above and below in Nate’s hands).

Now does anyone know what brand/style the “Saturday Night Special” ankle boots that Lloyd is holding up are? He says they keeps his eyes on your feet and your legs and make you feel sexy before you leave the house! They look similar to these Lanvin black suede metal heel ankle booties, but I don’t think the heel is quite high enough. Anyone?

P.S. The Nate Berkus is becoming my 2nd favorite daytime television show behind KLG & Hoda. NBC rocks.

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