Remember me saying my sister, Kaitlyn was looking for wedding sandals for big feet? Well, shoe designer Angela Nuran Gokturk came to her rescue! Kaitlyn picked out the Eternity Dyeable Sandal with a 3.5″ from the Angela Nuran 2011 collection and chose to have them dyed a “Regency Purple” shade. Here is a closer photo of the shoes with Kaitlyn’s actual engagement ring placed on the heel.

Angela Nuran Gokturk sent me the nicest, most descriptive and caring emails. Here is an excerpt from one that clearly states her (and the companies) genuine compassion:

The toe can be adjusted if she needs them tighter or looser. She can take them to a cobbler to punch another hole to adjust them, just like a belt*. The ankle straps can be loosened or tightened simply by moving the ankle buckle to the desired spot. She should hook the ankle strap to put them on and unhook them to remove them. Once she’s got the ankle buckle in the right place, she’ll never need to buckle and unbuckle the shoes. Repeated buckling and unbuckling on any fabric shoe will destroy the fabric, so the hooks are not only easier, they extend the life of our shoes.

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Eternity is the style I launched my business with in 2007, and I stopped manufacturing them (discontinued style) last year because now all my shoes have interchangeable buckles and pre-drilled holes hidden underneath my brooch buckles. Also note the outer fabric of Kaitlyn’s shoes is dyeable satin, whereas the outer of all my shoes now is dyeable silk satin. I’m telling you this because of your blog, and I want to express how far our shoe line has come since this particular shoe for Kaitlyn was made. Our quality has definitely improved since Eternity, but Eternity was an overwhelming success and took us very far for several years until I increased my product offering.

Anyway, enough of all this. Her shoes are bright and beautiful and should be very comfortable for her. I truly hope she loves them**.

Kaitlyn on her wedding day, 6/23/12

*Our mother is a seamstress so actually owns a leather hole punch (usually used for belts), so she was able to put another hole in the toe straps to make them a tad bigger for Kaitlyn’s wide feet.

**Kaitlyn (and I) absolutely loved them – thanks so much!

I definitely recommend every bride-to-be check out for comfortable, yet elegant wedding shoes!

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