I remember as a kid calling flip-flops “thongs”. My aunt called them “toady parts”. Don’t ask me why. But if I slip and say “Where’s my thongs?” today, my kids have a fit, as obviously they only associate thongs with g-string underwear.

Anyway, I always hated to wear both kinds of thongs. Can’t stand things between my toes nor in my butt crack. So, I only buy thongs when they are exceptionally cheap and look exceptionally good on me. 🙂

I own several pairs of Skecher sandals – it would take me days to review them all. Since I love Skechers so much, I gave their Honolulu Sandals a chance. I can’t complain yet. The “between my toes” hasn’t bothered me yet. And they are pretty versatile – I’ve worn them with athletic shorts to black skirts.