All Shoes 25¢ Pair

Since I will be moving into my new house next month, I needed to get rid of some of the crap that I have accumulated over the past 12 years of living in this house. So, I decided to have a garbage sale yesterday. And what a better time to weed out a few pairs of shoes that my kids and I never wear.

This picture was taken after the sale of the shoes still left over. And the sad part is that you can’t even tell that I thinned out our shoe collection inside the house. I plan to donate them to Goodwill. The tax deduction I can take for donating is way more than what I made at the garage sale. I don’t like how Goodwill marks their prices so high to people that need a break. I’d rather practically give them away, and at 25¢ a pair, I’d say I did.

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