Airwalk Flurry Mocs from Payless

All my daughter wants for Christmas is…

these Airwalk Flurry Mocs from Payless

Airwalk Flurry Moc from Payless

Ok, that’s not “all”, but I’m in the mood to sing Christmas carols. Now, will my order arrive in time for Christmas??

I ordered these Airwalk Flurry Mocs from on 12/9 on sale for $16.99. I picked free in-store shipping to save on shipping. I *swear* I put in her size as 8.5, but the email receipt said 7.5.

I replied to the email – their main customer email – saying I needed to an 8.5, so if need be can they change the order or cancel/re-order. I never got a reply.

Worried I would receive the wrong size or that they wouldn’t arrive by Christmas, I looked at a few different Payless stores nearby, but was told by all that the Flurry Mocs were a huge hit and sold out.

When I got an email on 12/19 saying my order was ready to pick up at my local Payless store, I immediately headed there. Oh, they received my order, and it was indeed an 8.5 like I wanted, but they had a call from corporate that I canceled my order, so they *just* put them on the shelf and sold them to someone else!

The manager said to call Payless’s Customer Support Center at 1-877-474-6379, but at that time (Saturday evening) it wasn’t business hours, so once again I email them telling them how disappointed I was.

Figuring I wouldn’t receive them now, I ended up ordering a different pair of shoes from a different store that shipped them overnight that I’ll blog about later – just in case my daughter sees this post.

Now just today, 12/22, I receive a response email.   It tells me to call the toll-free number – ugh! So I call, am on hold, get transferred, on hold again, la~de~da, and finally get to talk to someone who can help me.

He tells me they refunded my credit card on 12/17. But he offered to ship me a new pair with free overnight shipping in size 8.5 for $16.99 + tax. I saved a whole 9 ¢ paying the Kansas tax rate over Nebraska’s tax rate.

Ok, so will I receive them tomorrow in time for Christmas?? Any bets? The headquarters are in Kansas (my neighbors to the south) so it sounded promising at first, but he said their distribution center is in Ohio. And we are in a blizzard storm watch, so we’ll see.

Now, that I’m writing this and found a link to the Airwalk Flurry Mocs, I see they are now only $14.99!   Do I dare respond to my new email receipt asking for the $2 difference refunded?!

This cute, cozy Airwalk moc can be worn indoors or out. It features rich faux suede with a shoelace detail, a roomy whipstiched moc toe, super soft furry lining and a lightweight, flexible outsole. Manmade materials.

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