7 Things Your Shoes Say About You

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Life is full of impressions! There are different things that would be appropriate to say, do or wear in different settings. With so many places to go and impressions to make, sometimes it can be difficult to put all the details together. Choosing the right pair of shoes can turn into a bigger decision than it needs to be.

By figuring out what each pair of shoes says about you, you may be able to make your decision a little bit easier. For a wedding, for example, you don’t want to wear a pair of shoes that says “I don’t care”. During an office party, you don’t want to become the rumor around the workplace by wearing something that says “I’m trying too hard”. So before you slip into those shoes, perhaps you should see what they say about you!

1. You’re Timeless:

When you wear a simple pair of pumps, you show the world that you consider the shoes you will put on your feet very carefully. This timeless shoe works for every woman and they should all have a pair in their closet. You get major style points for carrying out a timeless look, especially if you do so with a vintage pair of shoes. People will notice that you like the proper, classic things of life.

2. You Work Hard:

If your shoes are built for comfort not style, it is one of the quickest ways to figure out that you work hard. Whether you are a nurse, store clerk or work in a restaurant, it is obvious. The type of shoes you wear gives a lot of insight into the type of job you might be doing. Hopefully when people see your shoes, they will give you a chance to get off those weary feet!

3. You’re Trying Too Hard:

Leopard-print, sky-high heels with hot pink details may have their place in your life. Granted, they may not work so well for everyone because for some, shoes like that just would not be practical. They are probably best left for a night out at a club or maybe on a weekend where you want to dress a little wild but wearing shoes like that in a professional setting makes it seem like you’re looking for attention.

4. You Don’t Care:

If your shoes are messy with the dirt from last week’s walk through a patch of mud, you are sending off a signal that you probably do not want to be sending. Granted, they may not be the best-looking shoes to begin with but as long as you keep your shoes looking neat and clean, it doesn’t matter how fancy they are. Try to see it from that perspective and you will always give a good impression with your kicks!

5. You’re Selfless:

When people look down, they will notice if you have nice shoes on. If your shoes are beautifully embellished or made of a fine material like leather, clearly you care about looking presentable. If the shoes show little signs of wear, it may be a sign that you have not been putting yourself first. If you are a mom, you probably put your family’s need first. You may have bought your daughter some new shoes for basketball or some new dress shoes for your son. If your shoes are obviously nice but just show a few signs of damage, it shows that you probably wait until it is necessary to shop for yourself instead of just when you might want to.

6. You’re Tough:

Some would say that a girl’s best friend is a pair of heels. They are flattering, make you look taller and give you that extra spring in your step. Wearing heels says you’re classic and put consideration into your outfits.If people look down and see you’re wearing sky-high heels to the office, however, it could be the same as letting them know they need to watch out! You’re definitely tough if you can handle your 9-5 in such killer shoes.

7. You’re Sensitive:

Flats are the ultimate in comfort, versatility and they are an easy look for everyday wear. If you wear the ones in bright, feminine colors, it shows that you don’t mind tapping into that girly side. If you wear the ones with bows and other decorations, it could be showing people that you are sensitive to details. Since flats are such a basic shoe that can lack in excitement, having little details could point out your eye for the little things.

By keeping these things in mind, you will always be able to look your best and make a great impression. Choose a pair of shoes that says what you want to be feeling that day. Stay timeless and live confidently in your shoes!

Shannon Rha, the owner of Shannon Hair, opened her first salon in 2007 after 8 years in the Santa Clarita beauty business. She has created one of the most successful and modern salons in the Valley.

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