7 Awesome & Affordable Vegan Shoes

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It’s surprisingly easy to find quality but vegan-friendly shoes without going broke. In a world where leather and other animal-based materials are the popular choice, vegan shoes are making a major appearance with top designers as well as affordable brands.

TOMS Brand Slip-On Shoes

TOMS are the well-known brand of slip-on shoes. For each pair purchased, a pair is donated to a child in need. They have a large cruelty-free section. These shoes are made from canvas and faux-suede material. There are a dozen or so designs for men, women, and children. Each pair ranges from $45 to $60, or $100 for the vegan boots.

Macbeth Eliot Shoe

These shoes are the original shoe created by the Macbeth company. They are lightweight but durable. These shoes offer support and comfort in a classic skater-shoe style.

No leather or suede is used in the making of these kicks. They are unisex and are suitable for men and women alike. A pair is about $50 retail, not a bad price for a pair of shoes that doesn’t hurt anyone or anything.

Saucony Jazz Vegan

This classic style has been a symbol of the Saucony brand for years. They are designed with optimal comfort in mind. The wide variety of colors is also awesome for picky vegans. From pink to brown, there is something for everyone.

The Saucony Jazz is also made for men. The prices vary, but they are usually $45 to $60. The price point is on target for budget-conscious shoppers, and they last through wear and tear.

Fantizzy Boot From Madden Girl

Madden Girl has a range of animal-free shoes that appeals to the dressy side of women’s apparel. These boots are multi-purpose, as they can take you from dressed-up to casual. They work in the summer and winter. Even though they are made with synthetic materials, they offer strength and quality at an affordable price point of $55 retail.

Dollhouse Teenz Turquoise Striped Flat

A creative take on the classic-loafer style, these flats are a perfect feminine version of the menswear trend. Made with man-made textiles, it is also a lively colorful addition to a cruelty-free wardrobe. They are easy going shoes that can pair with anything, and are only about $23 retail.

Sanuk Yoga Mat Flip-Flops

Priced at $30, these flip-flops are durable and suitable for yoga and other light physical activity. They are made with synthetic materials to hold up in the worst of situations. Sanuk makes dozens of colors and styles for men and women.

Brighton Sneaker By Macbeth

Macbeth gets another mention. It’s no wonder they are so popular; they continuously produce shoes of superb quality and durability. The Brighton sneaker is only $45 and is suitable for light physical activity. It is a men’s shoe with sleek black and gray coloring.

Choosing affordable vegan shoes isn’t as hard as it used to be. Man-made textiles are being used more often than not. Cheaper shoes are usually vegan anyway, and you might be surprised at the quality you can find.

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