We all love a great D.I.Y. when it comes to changing up the look of our shoes. There are tons of ways to turn shoes that you just can’t bring yourself to wear anymore into fresh new pairs of closet favorites. The same can be said for transitioning from summer styles to fall fabulosity. And, the best thing about re-constructing your own shoes is that it costs next to nothing and you can make your friends jealous with your new one-of-a-kind kicks. Whether you’re new to D.I.Y. or a seasoned pro, check out some of these great ideas for turning your tired, summer heels, flats and sandals into fall-worthy knock outs in a snap:

1. Add some thick lace.

Nothing says winter weather like lace. Lace can be super sweaty in the summer, but in fall it provides just that bit of extra coverage and gives your entire look a cool romantic vibe. One of the best, and easiest, ways to add lace to your summer shoes is to whip out your trusty old glue gun. If you want to re-dress some summer platforms, glue a long strand of lace onto the back of the heel and wrap it around your ankles. You can also tie lace into bows or bunch it together to make chiffon-like flowers to glue on the front of your heel or flats, above the toe.

2. Re-upholster in wintery prints.

If you can’t change it, just cover it up! That’s the way to go when you’re dealing with a shoe that has an awesome design, but has a print or color that is just way too summer. Simply head to your favorite fabric store and pick up whatever calls out to you. Some great ideas for fall are faux suede, dark paisley prints, velvets in royal tones, and metallics. When you get home, place the fabric over the part of the shoe that you would like to cover. Draw a line around the area that you need. Then cut about a half inch out. Use a sewing machine or glue gun, fold the edges and seal them off. Then glue the entire piece of fabric onto the shoe. This works great with super-tall wedges.

3. Turn heeled sandals into winter party shoes.

When the weather starts to cool down, we have to leave those adorable strappy sandals behind. The only time we dare to bare our toes is at night, when we party inside. So, instead of shelling out hundreds for some in-season party shoes, try re-constructing your summer sandals. Take a pair of strappy heels, a can of black, dark green, dark silver or royal purple glitter and a can of spray adhesive. Make sure to cover the sole of the shoe completely with paper or some plastic wrap. Spray the entire shoe with the adhesive and then spray on the glitter. Let them dry completely. If the glitter falls all over the place, add another coat of adhesive or spray-on sealant.

4. Add dark gems in jewel tones.

A great way to add some fall appeal to otherwise summery shoes is to add some jewel tone gems. This is another excuse to break out that glue gun. Buy some jewels from a craft or bead store. Don’t splurge, but don’t buy jewels that look excessively cheap. If you have, say, a neon pink pair of stilettos that just don’t feel like they will make it through winter, try spraying them with a color of your choice, letting them dry and then adding gems. It looks cool to cover the entire shoe with gems. Try using gems of the same color and varying the sizes so you can create subtle patterns.

5. Glue on heavy metals.

While we all love our shoes to sparkle and bling, but, during the summer, it can be nice to go for a lighter, fresher feel. Wearing shoes that look like they could be used as weapons can be a little easier in fall and winter. Adding some metallic artillery to worn-out summer shoes is a great way to wear them into the cooler seasons. Find some cool heavy metals, like huge studs, and glue or pin them onto your favorite summer sneakers. Or add them to the backs of stilettos to change up the pace.