You all know how difficult it is sometimes to choose proper-fitting athletic shoes. With a lot of newfangled innovations, for example, like pump-it-up tongues or Freon-filled midsoles, you don’t always know exactly what you want to buy and the main thing – exactly what you need to buy to achieve your fitness goals.

Here you won’t find any advice how to pick the right gym shoes (you can see that in our previous posts). But, in turn, here you`ll find the strong case why you have to pay your attention to the INOV-8 Athletic Shoes as just INOV-8 can offer you such sportswear that will fit you everywhere, all the time.

If you`re really a shoe lover, you must necessarily visit the INOV-8 site and observe that comprehensive range of running shoes which the INOV-8 specialists provide us – great shoe lovers.

Perfect Gym Training Shoes

For women who are looking for their ideal running shoes to hit the gym INOV-8 specialists present chic F-LITE 250 WOMENS line.


F-LITE 250 WOMENS versatile women's training shoe

These training shoes fit well any type of exercise you’ll choose – from rope work to marathon and so on. They`ll really give you a chance to get an effective training as the midfoot lockdown, Powerheel, next generation Meta-Flex technology and optimal multi-directional flexibility make your workout easier, more comfortable and useful.

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Trendy Cross Fitness Running Shoes

It isn’t so easy to find the most suitable shoes for your fitness as it depends on the type or types of exercises you’re going to do. That`s why the INOV-8 specialists have developed the ALL TRAIN 215 series of athletic shoes well-fitting any exercises you’ll choose.


ALL TRAIN 215 women's training shoe

The INOV-8 ALL TRAIN 215 is a line of sportswear for providing to women the maximum comfort and support during their everyday workouts. This model includes the sticky rubber outsole for fast movement, a firmer platform with Heel-lock for balance and the elastic mesh liner for comfort and more foot support. By the way, there are five different designs of this model.

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Fantastic HIIT Training Sportswear

Of course, HIIT training is a special regimen that requires an extremely high level of comfort that`s why you should give particular attention to your foot comfort.

F-LITE 235 V2

INOV F-LITE 235 V2 women's versatile training shoe

The F-LITE 235 V2 series is a cool shoe which sets itself apart from the other ones through a few simple but so meaningful differences as the flat drop and the weight. By the way, these shoes have excellent arch and lateral support. The upper part is light and breathable. F-LITE 235 V2 is so durable that they`re not afraid of any, even the most intense and longest, workout!  

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If you`re still in doubt see the F-LITE 235 V2 short review below.

Best Weightlifting Shoes For Women

When you want to choose the right shoes for your weightlifting workouts you can’t ignore such important characteristic like stability and flexibility – as the progress from your workouts will depend on exactly from these key factors.


INOV FASTLIFT 370 BOA weightlifting shoe

The INOV-8 FASTLIFT 370 BOA is considered as the best weightlifting shoes for women

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If you want to feel incredible stability during your functional workouts FASTLIFT 370 BOA suits you best of all. Because of their Power-Truss System,  External Heel cage and Dual-BOA dial system you`ll get a chance to lift without adding unnecessary weights. The combination of these innovations allows you sheer strength, feel elasticity and durability when you attack the ground.

Wonderful Ultra Marathons Sportswear

To run with comfort and protection is the main desire of the runners. So INOV-8 offers water resistance versatile running shoes that allow you to run your quickest and longest marathons in the life with maximum comfort.


INOV TRAILTALON 275 lightweight, breathable women's trail running shoe.

The INOV-8 Trailtalon 275 GTX was created specifically for running on hard-packed surfaces. So the Trailtalon 275 GTX will be the best choice if you like running not only in the nearest park. The Trailtalon 275 GTX series gives you the feeling of ultimate balance of speed and cushioning. The ADAPTEDFIT technology provides a possibility to run long mile distances on hard-packed trails.

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Now you know where to order a nice pair of athletic shoes for your workouts. Make the right choice!

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