The newest cool-girl summer shoe to hit the market this year is a combination of flats and platforms lovingly dubbed, you guessed it, flatforms.

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This is the perfect shoe to wear on those days when you feel like having a bit more height, but don’t feel like looking dressed up or killing the balls of your feet with a high heel. Wear them on a shopping detour.

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Plastic Flip Flops

Any sort of flip flop is going to be an absolute essential for a road trip, but the reason you should always pack some plastic thongs is because they can withstand the elements.

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For rainy days or side trips to the beach, you will thank your lucky stars that you remembered to throw some cute plastic flip flops in your bag. Wear them waterside.

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Chic Flat Sandals

When you want your feet to feel the fresh air and your pedicure to shine, but don’t want to deal with any sort of heel or discomfort, the perfect way to pull together a cute daytime look is with some flat sandals.

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Pack a few, or choose one that will work for everything, like a beige leather strappy gladiator. Wear them as your daytime go-to in the car, and everywhere.

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Summery Sneakers

There are times when for whatever reason, you’re just not in the mood to wear a sandal. Maybe you need to cover your toes up during a chillier evening or just want some extra cushion for walking.

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A cool pair of high tops in a summer color can add a cool low-key vibe to any outfit, and they are always super comfortable.

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Sky High Wedges

For nights out, we all want some height. But, packing an assortment of different heels is just not in the cards when traveling light for a road trip. You also need to be prepared to do some walking and deal with unexpected turns of events. That’s why a sexy evening wedge comes in handy.

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You can pair them with anything and won’t kill your feet in the process.

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