Black Peeptoe Pumps

I know that black isn’t the only shoe color out there. In fact, I personally think every woman should own at least one pair of sexy red sling backs. Time after time, though, I reach for the glistening black shoes that are lined up just for me at the shoe store. They are so dark, mysterious, and shiny, and they call to me. “Buy me, now!”

You won’t be surprised to learn that my closet is stuffed with black flats, pumps, boots, and sandals. I’ll even confess to owning a pair of black leather high tops back in the day. I’m not alone in this love for black footwear. We women adore a fabulous pair of shoes that go with just about anything in our closets. Black shoes are not just things of beauty; they are practical, too.

If we have to narrow our choices to five styles of black shoes, and for the purposes of this blog, we do, number one has to be the slinky, point-toe black pump. Leather is always my choice, but if you have an objection to animal hide, then you can choose a high quality synthetic that breathes. My weakness would be a pair of Jimmy Choo patent leather pumps with a four-inch heel. If you aren’t a big shoe lover, the price may scare you, but these pumps are absolutely classic and will last forever. Plus, they add a fashion spark to anything you are wearing. Trust me. These beauties are worth the investment.

The second black shoe on your wish list should be a pair of black leather riding boots. If you can afford to go high end on these, more power to you. If you blew your extra cash on the pumps, you can still get a great pair of riding boots at the mall. Make certain the leather is of decent quality and that the stitching is good. Also, the soles should be solid. A great pair of riding boots shouldn’t have much decoration beyond the belt and buckle that traditionally goes across the top of the boot. A pair of these is essential. They are perfect with jeans, skirts, and even certain casual dresses. They are easy on the feet and give you a sporty edge. They too will last for years if you give them any shoe love at all.

Even high-heel lovers need a pair of flats, and we are all attracted to the comfort of round-toed ballet style shoes. A lovely pair of black suede flats literally goes with everything, except maybe sweats, though I’ve been known to dash into the grocery store for milk dressed that way. If your feet had a tough night, then slipping them into ballet flats the next morning is a little slice of heaven. Plus, they always look elegant.

Black Ankle Boots

If I get to choose a fourth black shoe, and I do, I’d go with a sassy black ankle boot. These shoes are versatile, comfortable, and a little trendy. Since all my other choices have been classic, I think choosing the ankle boot gives us room to play a little with hardware or other decorative touches. The boots will still look fabulous with jeans and your work pants, even with a little zipper action.

Finally, I’d pick a pair of black peep-toes. They are a sexy alternative to the basic pump and give you another dressy option. They are a great choice for a night out on the town or even a night of speed dating, not that I’d know. These shoes tell the world you’re hot and classy. A perfect combo.

With these five styles, you won’t have to set foot in a shoe store for years. You won’t have too, but of course you will. Who wants only five pair of shoes? Besides, you need five pairs in each of the primary colors, as well.