4 Ways to Make Your Toes Look Trendy

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colorblock strappy wedge
Shoes are a girl’s best friend and thank goodness this summer is all about fun, boho chic with a twist of bright colors! Pardon my girlish scream but there is something about the talk of summer and shoes that gets me excited. Before you let your feet hit the ground running, here are four trends you don’t want your tootsies missing out on:

  1. Neon Nails: This summer is all about bright and bold colors and we all know that under every great pair of shoes is a pretty pedicure toes. Keep up with the neon trend and stick to polishes that are in the neon yellow, green and magenta color family. Painting your toes is a fun way to express your personality to match those adorable summer shoes.
  2. Sandals: The thick and heavy embellished gladiator sandal is back this summer! What is great about this look is that it can go with any summer outfit. Want a new pair of sandals? Check out the natural boho chic and nautical woven sandals. When finding sandals, have a nice and good neutral pair and a bold and flashy pair for all your summer wardrobe needs!
  3. Color Block: The color block look is all over the runways and catalogs this summer. It is hard to find color block these days because many designers are creating clothes, handbags and shoes with the color block theme. Heels and summer flats are especially seeing this trend this summer.
  4. Wedges: Who doesn’t love a great pair of summer wedges? So comfortable, easy to wear and always a great summer shoe for any vacation getaway. This summer higher is almost always the better, look for fun neon colors and color block. Pair the wedges with a summer dress and hit the town!

So go treat your feet with a great and colorful pedicure and an adorable pair of sandals or wedges in the color block or neon family. Walk carefully and strut your stuff this summer and let your shoes do the talking!

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