There are dozens of tendons, bones, nerves, muscles and blood vessels in the foot, and when you have the wrong shoes on it can feel like every one of them is screaming at you, and the pain doesn’t stop at your ankles. Standing for long periods is more than just uncomfortable; in the wrong shoes it can also  affect your health. According to Occupational Health Clinics for Ontario Workers, a shoe made for standing shouldn’t change the natural shape of your foot and should have a slight, stable heel (about one quarter of an inch), plenty of room in the toe and adjustable closures. Here are a few shoes that prove you can have proper fit, comfort and style all at the same time:

1. Naot Rongo

Naot shoes  are well known for their ergonomic shoe designs. Naot shoes are earthy, but still stylish. They carry many styles of sandals, flats and dress heels and can’t-live-without boots. The Naot Rongo meets all of the OHCOW recommendations, with a wide rubber heel, a natural toe box and an adjustable front strap to give you a custom fit throughout the day. And they’re cute! The Rongo is a cross between a Mary Jane and a slingback. It’s available in a weathered silver color called “Mirror” and a gorgeous brushed suede called “Porcini.”

2. Munro American Pace

The Pace by Munro American is a great pick for anyone who appreciates European styling. Munro technology is designed to provide shock absorption, moisture wicking and a contoured footbed. The Pace also has a removable insert that can be switched out for a custom orthotic. This shoe is made for standing with adjustable laces and the stable, elevated heel that’s recommended. It comes in several color combinations, including black on black and bronze and black.

3. Propet Washable Walker Suede

Propet makes shoes that are popular with travelers because they’re lightweight, made for miles of walking, and come in dozens of styles for every taste. The Propet Washable Walker Suede meets all the requirements of good shoe: It has a wide toe box, a stable, slightly elevated heel and laces. Like many Propet shoes, this walker also has a built-in heel stabilizer and a removable insole in case you want to slip in an orthotic instead. This shoe is athletic-inspired, but much cuter than a gym shoe. It comes in black, brown and tan suede, and the whole shoe can be machine-washed.

No matter what style you decide on, don’t go shoe shopping until the  end of the day  ““ a long and hard day, if possible. Your poor little piggies will be tired and swollen, making it the best time to see how a new pair of shoes will feel in real life. Good shoes don’t come cheap, but you shouldn’t have to take out a loan for them either. Your all-day shoes really should be your best and most expensive pair ““ they literally support your body from the bottom up.