2012 Summer Trend: Summer Boots

Summer time shoe wear is usually flip-flops, wedges and high heel sandals. We wear shoes that help our feet breath in the hot humid heat, so boots never cross our mind.

However the trend in Europe is the exact opposite and the fashioistas of the world are stepping out in summer breathable boots.

Summer Boots

The boots that are worn in the summer are nothing like UGGs or typical leather cowgirl boots, in fact, they are light and airy. These boots come in all different styles and different colors, so you can pair them with every summer outfit you own. The boots are made from a light weight crochet like material, and look similar to lace but have the durability of a thicker fabric. They boots can be purchased at different lengths, from thigh high to knee high to ankle booties. The colors range from white to a range of pastels which means you can wear them for casual play or to dress up a dinner date.

Why Summer Boots

It may seem unnatural to you to wear boots during the summer, but they give a new sophisticated look to your outfit. How many times in the summer have you put together a gorgeous outfit just to pair it with the plastic flip-flops? Flip-flops don’t dress up an outfit and are actually bad for your posture and eliminate your natural foot arch. Also, flip-flops leave your feet open to summer dirt and dangers (like mosquitos or broken glass). Summer boots make your outfits look more put together and high fashion, and they also protect your feet from any dangers the summer may offer.

Where to Buy

Now that you are convinced that summer boots are the new trend you need to slip on, you may find yourself in one big dilemma. Where do you buy these boots?

These summer boots are not going to be sold at stores in the U.S.A just yet, because Europe is as always, ahead of the trends. If you really love these boots and want to be the first to step out in them you have two different options.

One is to contact someone you know who lives in Europe and have them shipped to you. However with Europe’s unreliable mailing system, you may not receive the boots until after summer is over. Trust me; I have mailed enough things from Europe to know this is a true fact. Your other option is to go online and do a massive eBay, or other auction site, search for these boots. They are out there on the web, primarily being sold by Chinese companies, but the hard part is deciding your size. The boots run in European sizes and usually run a little smaller than what you typically may wear.

I would start on eBay, and search different countries until you find the boots. Again, they are out there, you just have to put some web work into it.

Hopefully you find the perfect summer boots and will be hitting the sandy shore within a few weeks with this new trend!

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