Naughty Monkey Money Maker

I personally don’t own a pair of Naughty Monkey shoes (yet anyway), but the brand name always makes me smile.   Then when I saw the the name is unique thong sandal named “Money Maker” I immediately thought of high class  professionals doing business and imagined some black patent pumps to pair with a nice […]

Stuart Weitzman ballet flats

Adorable Ballet Flats by Stuart Weitzman

This past  month, we attended eight high school graduation parties. That means I’ve seen a lot of people, which of course were  all wearing shoes. When you like shoes as much as me you notice things like this. A good friend of mine had on these adorable Bolshoi ballet flats from Stuart Weitzman. I thought […]

Hidden Heels?

Could someone tell me the point of a hidden heel, like this 80%20 Diva Hidden Wedge shown? Are there short people out there trying to secretly make themselves look taller? Why wouldn’t you just buy a shoe with a heel or wedge on the outside? If you fall into this category and feel the need […]