Q&A: Blake Lively’s Shoes?

Q: Where can I find Blake Lively’s shoes she’s wearing in this photo? ~ Ann A: Ask and you shall receive!   Blake is wearing Sergio Rossi Majuli Studded Flat Sandals, on sale now at ShopBop.com!  Enjoy! ~ Kim [phpbay]sergio rossi, 2[/phpbay] Kim RowleyKim, lover of all things shoes, is the self-proclaimed President of Shoeaholics […]

Elephant Man Shoes

I was watching a special on TLC last weekend about Proteus Syndrome, where people have atypical growth of certain parts of their body.   One of the interviewed was Mandy Sellars, a beautiful woman from the waist up, and elephant woman from the waist down.     She has to  frequently get custom made shoes […]

High Tide Heels

What do you think of these High Tide Heels? Are these real or are they a joke? Snopes says  urban legend.  Not sure I could find anyone that could walk in these. I know I couldn’t. They would make for interesting footprints on the beach. Source: High Tide Heels: for the sexy scuba diver [phpbay]flippers, […]

BO GO HO Embellished Sandals and More

Payless is once again offering its BOGO Sale!  (Buy One, Get One Half Off – hmmm, shouldn’t they call it BOGOHO?)  This sale is  offered both  instore and online,  including everything in the store, even  sale and clearance items.   I browse our local store, but I prefer to order online at Payless.com  as they […]

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