Burn 300 calories in 30 minutes

Last week I bought some ankle weights (on clearance at Target), with good intentions to wear them with my new Everlast shoes when the ice and snow  are gone to start getting in shape. Hopefully I’ll get the same results as if I were  wearing these Weighted Walking Shoes, which I didn’t even know existed […]

Nothing But A Hound Dog

These “Nothing But A Hound Dog” sassy little pumps  from Naughty Monkey can be found on Zappo’s. I get a kick out of reading names of shoes and also shoe companies. It’s almost as entertaining as watching people at an airport or concert. Anyway these are just as cute as their name, and I can […]

Gaiam Yoga Sandals Pic

Yoga Sandals Anyone?

When I first saw the term “yoga sandals“, I thought “who wears sandals to do yoga?” But then I read the description… “Spread your toes” is a favorite yoga teacher mantra for a reason. Separating your toes improves your balance, flexibility and alignment. Worn around the house or on errands, our therapeutic sandals retrain your […]

I Cannot Wear ICONs

ICONot see myself purchasing a pair of blue ICON  dress flats  by GWYNETH. I agree the buckle adds a funky twist to this popular  style, and the thick top stitching brings contrast to the patent leather,  it’s just the color of  blue that throws me off. I have no idea what outfit in my closet […]