Pretty in Polka Dots

While sitting in the  doctor’s waiting room and reading a magazine, I came across  an advertisement for pediped shoes. The  full page ad  was filled with  cute little shoes like this Giselle style. What little baby girl wouldn’t look cute is these? Pediped Giselle Infant Shoes available from Very popular dot print is sure […]

We wish you a Merry Christmas

Last Christmas season, my brother told me I needed to resign my Christmas sweatshirts as they are “for old people”.   I replied “no, they’re not” until we walked into a restaurant and saw only blue-hairs (and me) wearing the holiday attire.     He rested his case. I haven’t given up my Christmas socks, […]

Croc Accessories: CrocsButter & Turbo Straps

  Ok, we have Jibbitz shoe charms for our Crocs.   And we have Croc-A-Doodles Art Sets for our Crocs. And now we have more things for Croc Lovers… First there’s Crocs CrocsButter “a clean croc is a happy croc” –  Specially formulated to make your Crocs look like new again. Easy to use, this […]

Lace-Up Boots

I’m all for wearing boots in the winter with skirts and sweaters, but not so sure I would wear these.   This  lace-up Opal boot by Ann Marino  is  described as  “ready for fun”.  It’s description also mentions the “stiletto heel will give you great rise”, and “the tall shaft will make your legs look […]