Love Your Heels Again

Invisible Insolia High Heel Inserts make higher heels incredibly comfortable! The magic is the weight shift! Higher heels create a ramp effect putting the foot in a tip-toe position with the foot sliding toward the toe and putting painful pressure on the ball of the foot. Invented by leading podiatrist, Dr. Howard Dananberg, Insolia Inserts […]

Price-Match Shoe Deals and Save!

Update: Please note that most online shoe stores no longer offer price match guarantees over 100%, so the deals below are no longer valid.   Sorry for any inconvenience. Most online shoe stores, like,,  and offer 110% –  115% Price Match (PM)  Guarantees, basically meaning if you find the shoe cheaper […]

Shoe Shopping at Harrod’s

The day after Thanksgiving is coined “Black Friday”, the biggest shopping day of the year for retailers.   So I thought this would be a great day to finally upload my pictures (click thumbnail for full pic)  of me shoe shopping at Harrod’s  while on my trip to  London. I can only imagine how packed […]

Happy Turkey Day!

I’ve been contemplating getting a new vehicle, but not sure I’d go as extreme to drive a “shoe car”.   In honor of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade today, I thought these cars look like they  belonged in the parade line-up.   More Shoe Car Pics here.   Have a Happy Thanksgiving!   You can join […]