Durango Lil' Pink N Chrome BT568 Western Boots

Too Cute in Pink Cowboy Boots

Every Sunday at our church, during the collection, the children are invited to bring up money to the priest at the altar (no one is ever too young to give offering to the church). Anyway, this little girl with long brown hair and the cutest little denim skirt  went up to the altar wearing these super […]

Blake Lively on Regis & Kelly Live

Can you tell me who makes the pink heels that Blake Lively wore on Live with Regis and Kelly on Wednesday, 10/24?   They were adorable pink with black faux stone on top. ~ Yvette Anyone know? If so, please comment.  And if you have your own shoe-related question, please contact us and we’ll see […]

Yep, More Chinese Laundry Boots

  Do you watch Gossip Girl? If so, you’ll know that  Blake Lively (aka Serena) picked up  a pair of  Chinese Laundry Strate Boots in ash grey  from DSW and  has worn  them on every episode this season. Since then, that boot has become one of the most popular boots on the planet and is […]

Celebrating Chinese Laundry

My 9-year-old daughter, Tatym, immediately laid claim on my Chinese Laundry goodie bag.   Here she is wearing Chinese Laundry tights, a Chinese Laundry hat and carrying a Chinese Laundry clutch. The American Idol Microphone Cup was another gift I received from Celebrate Express. And the boots are mine (she has worn them more than […]