Envious of this shoe closet

Wow, am I  jealous or what? I recently toured a friend’s new home and this is her closet, yes just hers. Not only would I like to have this space in my home, but also the selection of shoes! The worst part is that we do not wear the same size so I cannot even […]

CheeseCake Factory and VanEli?

After a long day of planning and shopping for  a fundraising event, a couple friends and I stopped for something to eat at the CheeseCake Factory. Not only was the food great, but inside the menu we found  an ad for  VANELi.  We  all agreed we liked this Vaneli Polette style (Camel Jaguar Hair withTmoro […]

Broken In With Bungee Laces – Super!

I had bought some brown plaid  surfer shorts and decided I needed a new pair of shoes to go with them.   These Rocket Dog Jasper Sneakers were perfect!   I am not much for sandals, so these worked well with my shorts, and although I bought them to go with those shorts, I’ve been […]

Shoe Addicts are Smart Shoppers

SmartBargains is have a HOT HOT sale!   If you pay for your order with PayPal (and who doesn’t have PayPal nowadays?) you get $25 off a $50 order!   Here’s the special link. Combine that with the awesome Clearance prices, and you’ll be smiling all day after you order (I know I am)!   […]

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