Are these Fabulous Shoes?

Squeak may think she found some ugly shoes, but look at these I just found! Zappos  has rave reviews  these United Nude S Mobius Pump Hi Shoes  Fabulous and artsy Mobious design, in high heel/pump form.   Rounded pump silhouette with a loop shaped heel. Made from a single strip of leather. 3 1/4″ heel. […]

Fabulous Flip-Flop Find?

I’ve reiterated the fact over and over how I don’t like flip-flops because I can’t stand the feeling of something between my toes.   But I just found some of these Hue: Thong Wrapz that may be worthy of my time to try. Available from (only $6) these soft gel strips are supposed to […]

Baseball or Golf Shoes?

Check this out! You can design your own custom golf shoes with your  favorite baseball team logo from Not only are these fun, but they are also made by  FootJoy. So pick your favorite team – it’s like two sports rolled into one! 30 MLB team choices. $139.95 from

If you have to ask, you can’t afford me

Recent Bride Eva Longoria (married on 07/07/07) snatched up a pair of Girl Two Doors Down’s bridal flip-flops for her shoe collection. These  sandals feature a crystal ring embellishment and are inscribed with the words, “What’s mine is mine, what’s his is definitely all mine “” I do!” and are available from for $46. […]