Mind Your P’s and S’s

Every week at our Kiwanis gatherings, we play a fun trivia game of sorts.   Last week, the question was “How many things can you name that start with the letter “S” that you put on your feet?”   And can you believe I didn’t win?!   Here’s the things we came up with… Shoes, […]

Where’s my Caddie!?

Yes! It’s warm out and time to start golfing! Darling Shoes brings you the hottest new gift for golf lovers (and their children). Make sure your kiddie caddie has a little set of clubs to go along with these first pair of golf booties. Miniature snaps on the sole look like cleats. Who knows — […]

Own a pair of MBTs but don’t wear them?

Have you/do you own a pair of MBT (Masai Barefoot Technology) Footwear but rarely use them? I want to hear your thoughts! I am conducting research for a footwear project and I am reaching out to customers who have owned MBTs, but have discontinued/limited their use of the shoes to once every 6 months or […]

Shoeaholicism is Hereditary

I decided I need to make a pact that if I buy a new pair of shoes, I should get rid of a different pair so that my closet does not runneth over with shoes.  Maybe I’ll start that next week.   Or the week after.   Here’s the shoes I bought this week while […]