Aloha from Between my Toes

I remember as a kid calling flip-flops “thongs”. My aunt called them “toady parts”. Don’t ask me why. But if I slip and say “Where’s my thongs?” today, my kids have a fit, as obviously they only associate thongs with g-string underwear. Anyway, I always hated to wear both kinds of thongs. Can’t stand things […]

I Love Famous Footwear

Why I Love Famous Footwear

How you ask? Let me count the ways… 1. Currently FREE Ground Shipping on Every Order! 2. Frequent Buy-One-Get-One-Half-Off (BOGO) Offers 3. Great Rewards Program. I love to the $$$ off coupons in the mail! 4. Chance to Win Free Shoes! 5. Proud National Sponsor of March of Dimes, a charity of which I […]

Welcome to SA!

I have always had a love for shoes even a young age. I find the addiction is already carrying over into my three young daughters. I personally own hundreds of pairs of shoes, many of them still in boxes. I can’t resist a pair of shoes on sale that I may need to wear someday! […]