10 Celebrity Shoe Styles this Winter

Celebrities can set a very bar where shoe styles are concerned. It’s called the “˜Shoe Envy’! From striped pumps to color block sandals, we can’t get seem to get enough. Here are ten most popular celebrity shoe styles can is easy reach to anyone. Wear them and you can’t help but get stares and be bombarded with questions as to where you got them from and how ravishing you look in them.

The first on our list are shoes made from reptile leather or reptile skins. Dozens of designers opt for snake skin to create their shoes from. Crocodile leather isn’t as popular but it is still widely found in winter trends. The rich shine of reptile leather can make even the most drably looking dress into designer diva material. Next on our list is patent leather. Even though this leather may be a bit impractical to wear and are a lot less versatile than ordinary leather, it looks fabulous when worn on any feet and will enhance your ankles. Next on our list are the luxurious and posh suede shoes. They can never really be out of fashion. Number four of our top ten are the silky smooth shimmering satins. Satin shoes can make you look sexy and classy at the same time and yes a lot bold in self colors. Number five are the good old platforms and wedges. They may seem a chunky do, but a good pair of wicker wedges is class defined on any wear. Number six is not to miss. It is my lacy missy! Lace is gorgeous and dressed to kill! Number seven are buckled shoes which give you that bold and business feel. They are perfect for office wear and yet style written all over! Tired of balancing and tight calves, chunk heels to the rescue! Chunky heels are number eight on our list. These are signs for a self made and practical woman. Spike Secretary Shoes are next with their strong sex appeal. And winter can’t be winter if there is nothing warm to be worn. So last but never the least, socks with shoes are the next trendy things on our celebrity shoe list!

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