1 Pair of Havaianas Flip Flops or 2?

Swarovski Crystal Havaianas Flip Flops

It’s the perennial summer vacation question. Will I need a smart pair as well my every day pair? Should my smart pair come with a heel? And just where is my suitcase anyhow?

We’ve all been there before going on holidays. Packing too much to cover every eventuality and struggling to close the suitcase only to find one half of our clothes go untouched through the course of our week long break.

Given the size and space requirements of flip flops it seems almost crazy, however, that you don’t go for the double pair option. Picture it, you’re by the pool all day sunning yourself, only bothering to walk to the poolside bar every now and then when thirst over comes you. Later in the day you head down to the beach and double up your flip flops as jellies to avoid any buried fish stings.

That night you emerge from your well-deserved shower, get dressed, apply your make up and compliment yourself on the fact that you looking stunning with your new radiant sun glow. The problem is you are now headed to a beach bar for the evening and all you have are those day used flip flops in the corner covered in dried sand and looking less than ideal.

This is where your second pair comes to your rescue. With the likes of Havaianas now offering an extensive range of Swarovski crystal flip flops you can step out in style as you promenade down the beach walk. Alternatively you can source all manner of custom boutique designs from the likes of Halle Berry who has recently launched her very own line.

Such options leave little doubt that if you want to make a statement and look good you now have the option with the plethora of options available from top designers. Go have fun and feel fabulous!

3 thoughts on “1 Pair of Havaianas Flip Flops or 2?

  1. These look so cute! I try to pack light for vacation (between, me, my kids, and my dear husband, those extra bag fees can add up, nevermind just the hassle of pushing it all through the airport), and so a few pairs of these sound like more shoe options in less space!

  2. You bring up some very crucial holiday-ing questions! I think why stop at 2 pairs of Havaianas? With so many different colourways to choose from your spoilt for choice when choosing Havaianas flip flops! Kindred Sole stocks a great selection of Havaianas flip flops and many other must have designer shoes! Would lv to hear your thoughts on Kindred Sole http://www.kindredsole.com x

  3. I think it depends upon on the size of your traveling bag. If it can have space for 2 pairs, then go for it. It is better to have an extra one in case someone wants to borrow.

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