Who Shines Their Shoes?

Shoeaholics Anonymous Disclosure

Shoeshine at AirportEver walk by those shoe shine guys at the airport or on the street and say to yourself “who shines their shoes anymore”? If you were smart, it’d be you!

I’ve never had my shoes shined by one of these guys before, but on a recent trip from New York, I stopped by the stand in Concourse A at DIA (Denver International Airport) and gave it a try. I just had a  jam-packed weekend at home with Kim and my shoes were terribly scuffed from being in a packed bar. As I hopped up in the chair, the guy said, “Size 13, right”?

“That’s right”. I was impressed already.

About 5 minutes of chit chat and polishing, my Bostonians looked better than new. The charge was $5 (and I gave him $5 tip on top). After returning to the office, a coworker said they had a military shine to them.

Don’t be shy the next time you walk by a stand with a pair of leather shoes on. Take 5 minutes to take care of your shoes. Heck, I’ve even seen women in the big chair getting their heels shined! Your shoes will thank you with a longer life!

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