Vanessa Minnillo in Converse

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Vanessa Minnillo in Converse Sneakers  Converse Chuck Taylor ® Low Slip-On Sneaker (Women)

First we spotted Miley Cyrus wearing Converse sneakers, and now here is Vanessa Minnillo wearing Converse Chuck Taylor slip-on sneakers. Steal celebrity style by purchasing your own from, $44.95 (available in several colors as well).

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  1. I love converse because I can’t wear anything with heels. So when it comes to casual footwear, converse is wonderful


  2. looks pretty neat. I think I’ll get one myself

  3. Hey Vanessa, (another Vanessa here). I’m doing some research on our name and was wondering if you know any history behind it. Mine was from my great-grandmother, but she’s passed on now so I can’t ask her where it came from. Thanks!

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